Meet Leanne

Holistic Nutritionist and creator of The Radiant Health Effect

Hi, I’m Leanne!  I’m a holistic nutritionist, devoted dog mom, and founder of the Radiant Health Effect Weight Loss Program, and creator of Radiant Botanics Skincare.  I teach women over 40 the smarter way to lose weight and keep it off without relying on willpower, and while still being able to enjoy delicious foods that you love.

My health journey has been a long and windy road…

I used to get so wrapped up in the daily grind, my job, relationships, ad other commitments, that I put all of these things before my own health and happiness.

On the outside, I seemed to have it all together, the successful career,  the house, the relationship… all of the things that society deems as “successful”.

But on the inside, I knew that there was something missing.  A little voice inside of me was whispering:

There’s got to be more to life than this!

Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself so wrapped up in your job that it becomes your life.  You put it before your own happiness and self care. But not consciously. That’s the tricky part. It slowly creeps up on you so that you don’t even realize that it’s a problem. It just becomes a way of life. It feels normal.

Yet, you’re constantly stressed, maybe have a worn out immune system, getting sick way too often, problems sleeping, excess weight, bad skin, in an unfulfilling relationship, putting on excess weight out of nowhere without changing our way of eating or exercise routine….

You’re generally unhappy, and it shows in multiple areas of life!

Welcome, Radiant Beauty!  I am so excited and grateful you’re here. Because that was ME for so long.

I couldn’t understand how all of the sudden after I turned 40, my metabolism seemed to slow down out of nowhere.


This you too? It doesn’t have to stay this way! 

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I went to university for an Engineering degree, something that was prestigious, especially for a woman at that time (with lots of career opportunities). I got the perfect corporate job. I was doing something unusual for a petite blonde woman, so I felt a bit iconoclastic.  I was making the money! I had the good job, a house in a trendy area of Toronto, what society had deemed was “success”. I had the prestige and interesting stories to tell.

Why wasn’t I happy? 


My entire adult life, I seemed to be searching for something. I constantly yearned for new experiences. I was trying to fill a hole with a sense of accomplishment, but it never seemed satisfied.   What was I trying to prove, and to who? No wonder I had a worn down immune system, and adult acne.  And, oddly enough, I never really stopped to think what REALLY made me happy and fulfilled. It was as if I was throwing achievement and adventure pasta at the wall, and hoping it would stick!   Thankfully, the universe really had my back. This crazy journey DID eventually lead me to the answer.

I had spent so many years of trying to “have it all”, whatever that means.    As modern women we all deal with the mounting pressure of feeling like we need to be it all, do it all, have it all, all of the time.  But what does “having it all” mean really.  And who decides? Is it you? Your parents, your peers, society?  All of the above?   My work wasn’t fulfilling anymore and I needed a new passion.  I began taking art classes, then quit my job as an Automotive Project Engineer when I was 30 to go to Artist Blacksmith school full time. When that wasn’t paying the bills, I went back to the corporate world and found myself once again stressed out and overworked. Then, the Inca Trail began calling my name. I found myself once again desperate for excitement away from my job.
At the age of 40, I decided to travel to Peru and hike the trail. While in Peru, I had a dawning realization.   There was something about the simplicity of life, the clean air and fresh, local food. Getting away from the daily grind to slow down, strip away the “comforts” of modern life and enjoy the beauty of nature and the magnificence of Macchu Picchu.  It made me look at my life in a whole new light.    A voice inside me told me that I needed to start focusing on my health, so I bought a fancy Vitamix blender and started making green smoothies every day.

Green smoothies – such a simple change in my lifestyle – were what started my radiant health revolution.

Getting in touch with my health and my body led me to get in touch with my intuition.

I started to become more in tune with what really made me happy. From there it just snowballed.  

+ I ended my unhappy long-term relationship of over 10 years. What good was having it “all” if you weren’t happy with it?
+ I lost about 15 pounds without consciously doing anything different, other than the green smoothies.
+ I took my passion for travel and adventure to a new level and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
+ I was miraculously led to study holistic nutrition by a series of last minute synchronicities which changed the course of my life!  

Not only was I immediately fascinated, but I realized that I needed more people to know this life changing information!    I realized that my passion was to help people find the balance that we all so desperately need, but are failing to achieve in today’s fast-paced short-term-gratification world. We’re all suffering for it, but I learned that there is a better way!  I poured myself into my studies while still working full time, determined to move myself in the direction of my dreams, my passion, my mission. I graduated with first class honors as a certified holistic nutritionist.  I began to finally have more clarity on what was truly important in my life.    I started making decisions based on what made me happy instead of going after achievements for achievements sake.

I could finally define what the elusive “all” I was so desperately seeking for was…. It was ME.

For most of us, it’s rarely a straight or easy journey from point A to point B.  It’s more like a windy, twisted, knotted up piece of string that you have to slowly unravel over time.   But isn’t that what makes life interesting? 

Your life can completely transform, starting with SMALL and consistent changes.

You don’t have to completely quit your job and jeopardize your sense of security. It can start by reconnecting with your body, taking a luxurious bath three times a week, or just walking more often. You can begin your own Radiant Health Revolution, with something that simple. I promise you.   So no matter where you are on your journey, if I can help you to avoid some of those knots along the way, or help you to enjoy those twists and turns, I’m happy that I’ve helped in some way.  My hope for you, is to reconnect to your body and your intuition and have your own Radiant Health Revolution. And it starts with reconnecting to YOURSELF in some, small, consistent way.


Will you join the revolution??

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When these 5 days are over, you'll wonder how you ever lived another way!

When these 5 days are over, you'll wonder how you ever lived another way!


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